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  • ★ GEPETTO Vision:To become a world-leading oilfield technical service company that aims to increase individual well production and recovery efficiency!
  • ★ GEPETTO Mission:higher individual well production, higher recovery rate and easier oil and gas exploitation!
  • ★ GEPETTO Core Values:honesty, courage, loyalty, diligence and gratitude!
  • ★ GEPETTO Core Culture:Getting things done is more important than anything!
  • ★ GEPETTO Bottom Line:Be loyal to the company, be honest and self-disciplined, keep secrets and obey the overall situation.
  • ★ GEPETTO HSE Culture:Compliance with HSE is always the bottom line!
  • ★ GEPETTO Help Culture:Strict requirements are sincere help!
  • ★ GEPETTO Style:Quick response, careful preparation, in-depth frontline and perseverance.
  • ★ GEPETTO Spirit:Dedication to the team, focus on responsibility, fearless of dangers and obstacles, and dedication to honor!

GEPETTO's Core Culture: Getting things done is more important than anything!

GEPETTO believes that to accomplish something, honesty is the basis of customer recognition, courage is the premise of facing direct market competition, loyalty is the ticket to win team trust, diligence is the only way to achieve success, and gratitude is the foundation for continuous progress.

The Adventures of Pinocchio tells the story of Gepetto, an old carpenter, carving a talking piece of wood into a puppet. The puppet is very eager to be a real human boy, but it must pass the test of "honesty, courage, loyalty, diligence and gratitude". With everyone's help, after many tests, the little puppet finally grows into a real human boy.

We believe that if a person or a team wants to achieve real success, they have to go through the same test. Therefore, "honesty, courage, loyalty, diligence and gratitude" are our core values.

We take the name of Gepetto, an old carpenter in the Adventures of Pinocchio, as our English name and its homophone "捷贝通" as our Chinese name.

GepettoEnglish Interpretation of Gepetto:

G:     great  and  green    E&E:   Eric  and  Edwin    

P:     Petroleum                T&T: Technology  and  Technology      O :     Oil and Ok!

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